THE INTERNATIONAL ANTI - DRUG ASSOCIATION (I.A.D.A.) founded at 12th of December 2001 according to the Court verdict no. 287/PJ/2001, having the aim to fight against traffic and drug abuse.

First of all, the main purpose is to make young people understand the highest danger of drug consumption and to identify why and how they become drugs consumers.

In this direction we already made advertising materials and hired specialists for conferences regarding drug abuse. On the other hand we have got technical devices for finding hidden drugs. According to the low, we have the real possibility to cooperate with the Romanian Police Department and other authorities involved in anti-drug activities.

Following 11th September 2001 tragic events, from USA, in the issued reports, was estimated a strong connection between international terrorist organization and the drug traffic. In fact, the money resulted from drugs traffic was used for financing the terror. In these conditions, an energical action against drug traffic will hit the financing sources of the terror. The international intelligence services have strong evidences to demonstrate the connection between drugs and terror.

According to the October 2001 Report, issued by The State Department of United States of America, the Taliban Government of Afganistan was directly involved in opium production and traffic, supplying from the world consumption.

In other parts of the world, the terrorist organizations were financed by drug traffic, too. For example, The Revolutionary Army from Columbia was financed by drug traffic with 300 millions dollars.